S/S James M. Jewell

JEWELL: reported sunk about 04 May 1942 at Corregidor, my father and other Norwegians was employed onboard in this ship for a while. Pictures has not been possible to find.

Last information from a web forum for Jewell:

After considerable digging around, I learned that the James M. Jewell was a US Army launch built in Hong Kong during 1908. Steam driven, displacing 55 gross tons and manned by a crew of nine, it was named in honor of a 14th Cavalry Lieutenant who was KIA in 1905 on the island of Jolo, southwest of Zamboanga. The only operational info about the ship which I found was that it was utilized during the Moro Rebellion, which ended in 1913, and then became an "artillery auxiliary". It appears to have served with the Army Transportation Service in Manila just prior to WW2, possibly as a tug, and was sunk off Corregidor on 4 May 42.

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