M/T "William Strachan"

A good seamans life onboard the M/T "William Strachan" from before the war, could have last if not hit by malaria illness. And due to the fact that this ship sailed during the whole world war II with no loss.

Manager: Willy Oppen & O. Sørensen, Oslo
6157 gt

Built in Belfast in 1931.
In service Sumatra, Java and Borneo with oil.

Torvald A. Kibsgaard worked as able seamen on this ship, but became sick and paid off in Manila on Sept. 9-1941 where he was admitted to a hospital

(M/T William Strachan had arrived Manila the day before). When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor he and some other Norwegians were transferred to a motel in the city. After the attack on Manila they were unable to get out due to the fact that Norwegian ships were directed elsewhere, so in order to avoid internment they all joined the US Navy. Torvald, age 22 was sent out from the hosptal to find another ship.

The fellow in the white singlet on the left is Torvald Kibsgaard, 1941.
No. 2 on the right is Ingvald Øksenholt.

Lifeboats ready for launching!

Shore leave in Australia 1940



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