Cabanatuan P.O.W camp

One of the P.O.W camp´s Torvald was sent to was the Cabanatuan P.O.W camp, formally known as Camp Pangatian, today this is a World War II memorial located near Cabanatuan City, Philippines. Camp Pangatian was a military training camp for twenty years until it was converted into a concentration camp for allied prisoners of war during the Japanese occupation. The liberation of Camp Pangatian is known as the most successful tactical rescue mission ever executed by the American military. They were aided by Filipino guerrillas who were fighting the invaders. The Raid at Cabanatuan was the result of both the Bataan Death March and Prisoner-of-war camp. Although the Bataan Death March was a significant historical event, the establishment of its memorial in Cabanatuan was not mentioned in any major U.S. news outlets. This tactical operation was immortalized in the movie The Great Raid. The memorial was dedicated on April 12, 1982 by the survivors of the Bataan Death March and the prisoner-of-war camp at Cabanatuan during World War II. The memorial has been maintained by the American Battle Grounds Commission since 1989.[3] Prior to this, it was maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission.

It is located on the former grounds of the prisoner-of-war camp in honor of those Americans and Filipinos who perished during their internment. The memorial is along the Cabanatuan-Palayan road in Barangay, Pangatian, eight kilometers north of the City Proper.

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